Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2016

Meine Geschichte aus dem Unterricht

© linewhispering / Sophie Müller

Ich musste heute in Englisch aus 14 Vokabeln der, derzeitigen Unit, eine Geschichte schrieben.
Jeden den es interessiert, kann hier die Geschichte lesen. Allerdings ist die Geschichte auf Englisch - welche eine Überraschung - und ich bitte euch, hatet mich nicht wenn Rechtschreib-/ Grammatikfehler drinnen sind. Hab nur eine zwei in Englisch, also bin da kein Profi...
Wünsche euch viel Spaß und freue mich über Feedback/ Verbesserungen..

* The Little Family *


Once upon a time a girl lived in a small town in Cambridge, England. The girl wasnt cool, up to date or very thin. She hadtn nike shoes or a I phone 7. She loved it to read and she always liked it to sang. 
She was always very alone. In this moments she escapes into the world of books. Some people from her school laughing at her. If the girl cleaned her room or did her homework she sang very loud. She was a very good singer and she liked it very much, but she didnt sing in front of other people. She was ashamed, because nobody told her how good she could sing.
Someday a very charming exchange student met her randomly and he liked her. He liked her very much. The girl laughed about the chat-up line from the boy. But she liked his appearance very much. He was very good looking. He had brown hairs, green eyes and he was big and small.
The girl and the boy became very good friends. After some weeks they spent their time together the boy and the girl was in a relationship. In these weeks they made some beautyful things together. On one day they went together to the cinema and looked a very good fantasy film. The girl liked fantasy films much. Sometimes the boys exchange year ended and he had to go back to the USA. 
They led a distance relationship. This worked very well.

After 5 years...
The girl was a student. She studied law and she has four out of five academic years over. The girl and the boy are still together. They lived together in a bis apartment in the USA. The  boy was a very successful advocate. He was the boss of a big lawyer´s office. They had a little daughter she was four years old. The boy went often with his daughter to fish. One timehis little daughter caught a baby fish. The boy and his little daughter set the fish free. 
Some Sundays the little family looked films together. The little girl liked films with very much special effects, like her mother. The only wish of the little family was another child, al little boy. After two weeks the girl went to his gynaecologist to a routine examination. The doctor looked at her, he smiled and said "congratulations you are pregnant". 
The girl was so happy she started to cry. At home she told the boy about the date. The boy was happy too and started to cry like his girlfriend.

After 10 months...
The girl got a very cute and little boy. The little son looked like his father. The boy and the girl  are very lucky parents.
And the little girl loved her brother very much.
Now the family are the luckiest family in the world.

~ End ~
Sooo, das war die "geniale" Story aus dem Unterricht.
Hoffe ihr seid nicht böse wenn es ein paar Fehlerchen gibt...
LG ~ Sophie

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